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Haji Waheedullah Walizai

Haji Waheedullah he has been in the construction business for the last 12 years. He started Waheed Wahaj Construction Company back in 2006 with high implementations Haji Waheedullah graduated from Law & Political Science of Ariana University in Nangarhar Province. He has enough experience about business and administration as well as how to deal with our client, manage and look over company progress the way he dealt with Client and handled their concerns in a truly professional manner. I would like to mention here, that Haji Waheedullah Walizai is accurate and thorough in his thoughts, pays attention to details has an outstanding leadership abilities and always willing to go beyond what is required and also willing to take on new responsibilities works efficiently and effectively

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Eng - Said Muzafaruddin "Saidy"

Eng - Said Muzafaruddin "Saidy" responsible for overall business management and its technical oversight within the company and quality advices provision in relation to the activities and initiatives planning, execution/implementation and/or reporting.

  1. Assesses engineering and project deliverables for constructability and provides input to influence design to enable efficient construction.
  2. Interfaces with Project Engineer, Procurement, Logistics, and Quality for planning integration with the construction schedule and sequencing.
  3. Provides technical expertise on acility construction to the WWGC based team.
  4. Provides technical leadership for constructability, effective equipment use, and construction process recommendations
  5. Works with quality and engineering to resolve constructability concerns on engineering specification or design.
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Eng - Imam Jan "Stanikzai"

Eng - Imam Jan Stanikzaiis the Vise-President and of the directory board of WWCC. he is holding the responsibilities of developing, overseeing of the Company and is holding the position since the establishment of the Companies. Graduated from engineering faculty of Nangarhar University at civil department has ability to work on many aspects of projects from approach to designing and implementing.

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Ayamuddin Siddiqi

Ayamuddin Siddiqi Is Chief Executive of Financial and Administratin has worke expirance of almost 20+ year involved in business administration he know how to handle the progress of wwg company Haji Ayam Uddin holds the responsibilities of all finance affairs of the company. He always works very hard for the benefit and promotion of the company with full care, honesty, and loyalty

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Eng - Abdul Qudoos Imamzai

Eng - Abdul Qudoos The General Project Manager of Company he has been graduated from Faculty of Engineering and has work expirance of 13 years in civile engineering also perform task from start to end implementation of project as designing, drawinging, planning. Eng-Abdul Qudoos “Imamzai” is the estimation Engineer of WWG he is working with full care and active mind for project estimation along with his other collogues for gaining the project with reasonable cost.

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Headyat Ullah Hazrati

Hedayat Ullah Hazrati Administrative Officer of company Persuade his studies at Universty of alfalah in faculty of BBA also he perfome many duties that's being of his ability

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M. Asif Safi

Site engineers work chiefly on construction projects. and form part of construction management and use his skills and expertise to guide crew members and ensure the successful completion of a project. he was frequently liaise with clients and negotiate with vendors and suppliers to secure the best deals

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