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Waheed Naveed Construction Company (WNCC) is an established and it is a registered company with AISA along with some other Afghan Governmental organizations. WN Construction Company has 8 years working experience in the field of construction rehabilitation, provision of construction materials, varieties of mosaic production and road building in the country, a number of 10 professional and supportive staff, skilled and unskilled worker is involved in delivering activities in the firm. The following is the list of the company executive management. WNCC Established and Founded in 2011 and since then we have been working in all sort of construction related work activates in Afghanistan.

Established Since 2011 Constructing Till Now with Much Experience

We are Registered with AISA and Industries and Commerce Having license Number : D-02-1030

Putting a plan to action. Quality is what we provide. -

Our Managment Team

Waheed Wahaj Group of Comapny owned by Haji Waheedullah Waheed and has been in Construction Services for many Years

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